A Closer Look At The Updated UK Luxury Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT

Aviation, and as such travelling in general, is never far away for cheap fake Bell & Ross. The Paris-based brand has built its reputation on luxury replica watches heavily inspired by aircraft instruments, in a big and bold style. The square case is instantly recognizable as Bell & Ross and has served as a solid and versatile platform for many iterations since its creation – some classic models and some highly aviation-inspired ones. Earlier this year we’ve already touched upon the new black dial copy Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT, and today we go hands-on with it to see what’s new for ourselves.

In a typical case of “out with the old, in with the new,” the overhauled high quality copy Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT gets a new look and upgraded functionality in 2021. Let’s first look at it from the habillage side of things, starting with the case. The emblematic 42mm x 42mm wide square case has been slightly retouched, making it a bit more refined in looks and finishing. The height of the case is about 11.5mm, which combines with the flat shape of all the surfaces, makes for balanced proportions.
Even though the style is still very much Bell & Ross, the rather tool-ish look of the outgoing model is traded for a more sporty-chic appeal. The square case features a circular brushing on the top, with a wide polished bevel running along the entire edge of it. The caseband is brushed as well, but with a vertical pattern. Overall, there’s a nice combination of textures and this mix of finishing on the case is reinforcing the overall feeling of quality – in addition to the fact that the case feels (and is) solid as a rock.
A closed caseback hides the automatic movement from view. The case is topped by a bi-directional bezel, which allows for a third time zone to be displayed. In conjunction with the adjustable GMT hand, you can subtract hours by rotating it clockwise or add hours by rotating it in the other direction.

The bi-directional rotatable bezel, a first for the BR 03 series, is carried over from the Vintage-line by Bell & Ross. It has a two-tone red and black anodized aluminium insert with silver markings. A triangle with lume-pip indicates 00/24 hours, with Arabic numerals for the even hours on a 24-hour scale. The discreetly sunray-brushed black dial has applied, straight brushed Arabic numerals. The hour markers around the dial are filled with Super LumiNova, as are the faceted hands (hours and minutes only) and the red GMT hand. The GMT-hand replaces the former orange one and stands out very well in order to read time at a glance. This updated style makes the watch extremely legible in virtually all circumstances.
The movement inside the 1:1 quality replica Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT is the BR-CAL.303, which uses a Sellita SW-330 as a base. It indicates central hours, minutes and seconds, a second time zone with the central GMT-hand and the date in a window between 4 and 5 o’clock. The movement runs at a frequency of 4Hz, or 28,800vph. The power reserve is a decent 42 hours. The GMT hand is set through the crown with one-hour increments in both directions. On the technical side of things, it holds no major updates from the previous model. Altogether, it is a reliable and functional automatic movement.
When on the wrist, the square-shaped case of Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT make for a pretty sizable watch. The short lugs for the instrument range have always helped to keep it relatively comfortable but it will not fit just any wrist. Despite this, it is a contemporary and bold watch, with a unique style that is recognizable from a mile away.
The Swiss copy Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT is available now and comes on a black leather strap with Bell & Ross pin-buckle. The price is set at EUR 3,800, and an additional black synthetic fabric strap is also included.

HANDS-ON WITH Best Quality UK Replica BELL & ROSS BR05 CHRONO With Black Dials

It’s been a bit over a year since Bell & Ross replica released their BR05 collection of watches, which we reviewed in detail right here. The BR05 offered the brand’s take on a square steel sport watch with integrated bracelet, joining others from the likes of Frederique Constant to Chopard. It seems Gerald Genta was on to something when he designed the Royal Oak and Nautilus in the ‘70s. The continued success of those two references (15202 and 5711, respectively) has sent other brands scrambling to produce their own variations of the formula. Of course, simply being a steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet is not a surefire recipe for success. How does it work for aaa quality copy Bell & Ross? Well, that all depends on your expectations.

Let’s first acknowledge that the modern boom we’ve seen with the AP and Patek are due in part to the hype generated by their limited supply, inflated resale value, and the prestige of having Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe written on their dials. None of those things a great watch makes. What does make them great is their attention to detail. They are both sized perfectly, measure around 8mm in thickness, have beautifully textured dials, and boast exquisitely crafted bracelets, the sum of which make for a very comfortable, very subtle sports watch. Let’s be honest, though, they aren’t without fault and I’d argue neither are worth 2-3x their retail price. They are nice, comfortable sport watches from premier mainstream brands. Nothing more, nothing less.

I say this to address the inevitable comparison between watches like the Bell & Ross BR05, and the AP and Patek. If you’re expecting a Bell & Ross to fill the same shoes, you’re about to have a bad time.
The stainless steel case fake Bell & Ross Instruments BR05 Chrono may house a few derivative details, such as the design of the bracelet or the hand set, but in execution this is comfortably Bell & Ross. The large square case hosts broad, flat surfaces at its edges sporting a horizontal brushing and a “screw” head at each corner. It’s not entirely unlike other square watches we’ve seen from Bell & Ross’ instrument collection, there’s just more real estate with the BR05. The mid section of the case breaks into a second tier with brushed and polished surfaces flowing into the bracelet and guarding the crown and pushers.
This is a visually hefty watch, it looks industrial and menacing thanks to the square case, exposed screws and integrated bracelet. On paper, things settle down a bit. The case measures 42mm in diameter, and a touch under 14mm in thickness. No spring flower but manageable. In practice, these numbers are difficult to contextualize thanks to the shape of the case. The 42mm measurement is from 9 to 3 o’clock, but the case isn’t a circle so its widest point is point to point. Still, with no lugs the watch will fit safely within the confines of most wrists.
The circular dial nests within the square case and represents the most “normal” portion of the watch. Its opening is 40mm and it houses a pair of squared off registers at 3 and 9 o’clock reading off the running seconds and the minute totalizer. Oversized Arabic numerals appear only at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions, with batons filling in the remaining slots. A circular date aperture is hidden away at 4:30 with a dial matched date wheel with white printing. Overall it’s a handsome dial with no legibility issues.
The cheap fake Bell & Ross fake watch utilizes the BR-CAL.301 movement, which is based on the ETA 2894-2, a modular chronograph with 42 hours of reserve. The rotor is visible through the caseback and features an intricate design obscuring much of the movement underneath. It’s reminiscent of the spokes of a wheel you’d find on an exotic car and brings a welcome portion of personality to the watch as a whole.
On the wrist, the BR05 has plenty of presence. It won’t be slipping under any tailored cuff without a fight, but if you’re not the dress-up type you shouldn’t run into many issues here, assuming you enjoy wearing watches north of 40mm. If you like the look but want something more traditional you’ll want to look for something like the BR V2-94, which uses the same movement in a round (Daytona-esque) case with screw-down pushers.
In addition to the black dial pictured here, the luxury Bell & Ross BR05 Chrono copy is also offered with a rich blue sunburst dial. What’s more, it can be had on a rubber strap as well which may help if you’re on the edge of wearability. On the bracelet, the BR05 Chrono is retail priced at $6,400. On a rubber strap it’ll run you $5,900. It’s not cheap by any stretch, but there’s some impressive engineering at work here and it establishes a new branch of the Bell & Ross instrument collection.

Hands-on With The New Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo UK

Swiss made replica Bell & Ross continues to innovate their design, and just released, is the new White Camo in the quality replica BR 03-02 line. Here is our hands-on review.

The theme is military. Bell & Ross began their venture into the military with the Phantom concept, released in 2007 and the Commando in 2009. The launch of these watches are inspired by aeronautical instrumentation. And were among the first watches to feature a camouflage coating. Nearly 10 years later, the 2017 BR 03-92 Black Camo was added, and a special limited edition BAPE Green Camo in late 2018 injected some frenzied excitement, selling out all 25 pieces before we could even publish the review.

The military code and design language is now extended to the new White Camo.

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo is a limited edition of 999 pieces, and retails for SGD 5,600 / EUR 3’600 / USD 3,800. Available now.

Square Case Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo Watch
Perfect Replica Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo

Camouflage was first used by the army during First World War. Its purpose was to hide or disguise men or objects. Green, khaki, brown, black and grey are the most used colors. The matte treatment of these colors is a mandatory condition imposed by the military.

Round Dial Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo Watch
The case, dial and hands

The BR 03-92 White Camo is a design which calls for a military type tricolor coating of white, light gray and dark gray which takes its inspiration from the camouflage in alpine soldier’s uniforms.

The case is in the standard dimensions and shape of the BR 03 square series, and crafted in a matte black ceramic. The dial layout and selection of the indices and hands being consistent throughout the range.

The case itself is matte-black, with the dial in the white/grey camouflage in its distinctive patch pattern. This pattern is repeated on the strap, and finished in matte. The Bell & Ross literature talks of the use of serigraphy as a technique to design the dial and adapts it to the bracelet. Three serigraphy masks were created – a dark gray – a light gray – and a white one in order to affix it to the calfskin strap. A separate black leather strap is included with every watch.

This presents a superb camouflage, making it virtually invisible, especially in the dark. A matte treatment for the entire watch is applied to avoid the risk of undesirable reflections.

The dial is a two piece construction, with an upper plate which is screen printed and cut to reveal the lower plate. This sandwich construction is similar to the ones used in Panerai for their dive watches. In the BR 03-92 White Camo, the tips of the hands and the lower plate is covered in black SuperLuminova.

In bright light, it appears black, but has a green lume in the dark. Indeed the black tips of the hands makes some sacrifice on the legibility of the dial in good light, but the scene changes in the dark. It shines (literally) when darkness falls, as the lume is quite bright.

We have always wondered if this might be possible source of detection when making night maneuvers. And in a discussion we had with Luminox sponsored former Navy SEALs personnel, we were told that this is not necessarily the case, as the light of the lume somehow does not carry far into the dark. Perhaps the intensity is still relatively low, and being tightly defined around the markers and hands look very small at a distance. The up side, of course, the lume makes legibility of the time a breeze.

But most BR 03-92 White Camos will probably not see military action, rather will adorn the wrists of chic individuals “fighting” in the urban environment as street fashion statements. To this end, we think it is ultimately suited. The vibes are cool, and is right at home among the clothing choice of hypebeasts everywhere.

Swiss Movement Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo Watch
The movement – Calibre BR-CAL.302

The caseback is sealed with a ceramic back which is secured by 4 screws. This provides the case with a water resistant rating of 100m. The movement within is the Bell & Ross BR-CAL.302, which is a Sellita SW-300-1. The movement is a workhorse movement modelled after the ubiquitious ETA 2892. Bell & Ross has pressed it in use in a huge variety of their watches, being used in both the square cased as well as round cased watches.

We did not see the movement finish, but knowing Bell & Ross, we are assured that the finissage will not be spectacular at all, but rather run of the mill and appropriate for the price target. The movement is very robust, and reliable, and will be sufficiently accurate for use as a daily beater.

Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Camo Watch With Arabic Numerals
Concluding thoughts

We intentionally left out the Competitive Landscape section, as we were not able to think of a square watch with a white camouflage motif to compare it with.

On the wrist, the square case does feel a bit different, though not enough to be awkward, it does have a presence which speaks louder than a regular round one. Comfort is average, as the case does not curve over the wrist, and the shape makes it stick out a bit. Your mileage may vary. But what strikes us is the beauty of the design. The camouflage dial and strap works nicely. The matte finish of the ceramic feels very nice to the touch, smooth to the hand. At S$ 5,600 it is neither expensive nor inexpensive, sitting in a rather neutral territory for a well designed urban accessory, essential for daily use.